The Pionneers - a tool for groups

We came up with "the breakers" to stimulate conversation in groups. Bilingual, first, because we needed to meet and reach young people from all over the country. Intergenerational, because the link between generations is a key to living together tomorrow. Finally, a space of expression which has an intrinsic emancipating property for the participants in the project AND ALSO for the listeners. Politics, justice, economy, creation. Every day, each and every one of us has to listen to others and make collective decisions in groups. Non-respect of speech, machismo, hierarchy, domination, shyness are often obstacles to listening and it is sometimes difficult to identify "our common dream". What if we did it by listening to ourselves, deeply and respectfully? The circle allows us to do this. In a family, in a building, in a neighborhood, in a city, in a village, in a region, in a country, in an association, in a company, in a start-up, it is possible to listen to each other and learn to dream together. To get started, nothing could be simpler: as a group, listen to an excerpt from our library or an entire episode of the podcast and then exchange ideas during a listening circle. We explain how to do it HERE Easy! This is the possibility that our podcast offers you. Discover this practice in a fun and guided way, for free, with online tools and an open-source process! Join the Circlo !


You don't find your way around our excerpts, our podcasts and their content? We propose to create a "tailor-made" workshop adapted to your needs. Using content that we will choose together, or on the basis of content that you have created, we organize a workshop at your place, in your group or at your office. The principle is always the same: it is about rehumanizing processes involving groups. Before working, thinking and acting together, let's try to understand what is inside us, what values animate this colleague? What is he or she receptive to? Who are they? It is important to know the people with whom we collaborate, before being able to function as a group! You have directed or produced a sound or visual documentary that addresses a social issue? You want to transform your message into concrete actions? Do you question our economic, family or ecological system? You would like to better understand what motivates your colleagues? Your friends? Your parents? You have created a citizen's collective? An ASBL? A company? Get in touch with the team!

A podcast designed and produced to be listened to in a circle

A good way to listen to an episode is to gather in a group and launch the episode. During each episode, opinions, feelings, experiences will be evoked by the protagonists who are also in a circle. At the end of the episode, we invite you to practice a listening circle in turn. That is to say, use an object that will be your megaphone. Only the owner of this object can speak and is invited to express what emerges in him. The others are invited to put themselves in a listening posture, to be focused on what is being expressed and not to think about what he/she is going to answer but rather to feel and listen deeply to what is being said, as an extension of the episode. The talking object is passed from hand to hand and each person can express what emerges in him/her at the moment of receiving the object. The themes evoked are numerous: environment, responsibility, trust, gender, identity, friendship, materialism, health, love, freedom, creativity, democracy, racism, education.

Credits: Direction and editing: Benjamin Rifon and Rani Decock Sound design: Straz Mix : Romain Boonen Voice-over: Celicia Theys and Rani Decock Production : Kimia Studios With the participation of Jean-Louis, Aimé, Aram, Fortuna, Maud, Emilie, Ward, James, Emma, Adelin, Nora, Liza, and our friends and supporters!